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About VIGAM Medspa, Laser & Wellness

Dr. Uba and team

VIGAM Medspa, Laser & Wellness

We are VIGAM Medspa, Laser & Wellness, we are dedicated to providing top-quality skin care services in Portland, Oregon. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping you maintain your skin's health and wellness. We offer a wide range of treatments and procedures to help you achieve a youthful, vibrant appearance. Whether you're looking for a relaxing facial or a more intensive treatment, we have everything you need to look and feel your best. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the VIGAM Medspa, Laser & Wellness difference.

Meet the Owner

Dr. Angela I. Uba is a family physician by profession and comes with over 30 years of clinical experience. Over the years, she has been studying how our skin and bodies get affected by pollution, aging, harmful products, poor habits, and inadequate nutrition. She realized that even emotional challenges like occupational stress can severely impact your skin’s natural radiance.


VIGAM Medspa, Laser & Wellness was born out of the need for a place where people could regain control of their skin and bodies and reverse any possible damage. As a passionate physician, Dr. Angela believes in expertly treating her clients and empowering them to lead more balanced lives as well. She explains that we have just one life to live, and it is vital to ensure we maintain that which is irreplaceable.


Her passion for corrective skincare and transformative wellness inspires all our efforts at Vigam Medical Spa and Laser. It also keeps us ever-hungry for new and innovative ways to improve the results we provide. 

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to enhance and empower your skin, body, and wellness efforts through professional treatments and personalized care. We believe this unique combination of professionalism and care has managed to win over so many of our customers.


We believe in adopting only those treatments and techniques that provide the most effective results and are safe at the same time. All our services use leading technologies to ensure you get the best possible outcome. At the same time, we stay away from any harmful or surgical treatments that can adversely affect your health.


We understand that all of our clients come with unique challenges and personal goals. The last thing they need is a rigid treatment plan that doesn't take into account their problems. We collaborate with our clients to devise a personalized treatment plan that will help them leave our medical spa with a glow of satisfaction.

Vendor of Epionce

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Vigam Medical Spa and Laser is a recognized vendor that provides Epionce skincare products. We offer a wide range of Epionce items, ensuring customers have access to this trusted and innovative skincare line.

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