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Body Sculpting

Smooth the appearance of cellulite and freeze away stubborn fat with our customized treatment of body sculpting. The VIGAM Medspa, Laser & Wellness body contouring services are non-surgical and highly effective ways to target problematic areas for men and women. We deliver improved results within a small amount of time using the latest innovation in radiofrequency or through CoolSculpting. Serving Portland and Beaverton metro.

How Does Body Contouring Work?

If you’re looking to effectively lose weight and gain a new sense of confidence and appreciation for your body, then body contouringmay be the perfect solution. Using innovative technology, body contouring is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes radio frequencies and infrared to target fat cells on the desired area of the body. By killing targeted fat cells, your body is then able to remove the dead cells by draining them through the lymphatic system over the following weeks, after you have finished your procedure with us.

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